Artists' Residency 2019

Jan Edwards and Ophélie Pauchet


Whilst “Invasive Species” addresses many environmental issues relating to our 21st century life styles, and the polarisation of NATURE and HUMANKIND, the project also mirrors nature’s cyclical processes, both in form, methodology and in process. Each cycle regenerating, redeveloping, renewal, destruction, recreation  and regeneration of the planets great oceans and seas in a perpetual ebb and flow.

In stark contrast to the natural rhythms of the sea, the repetitive nature of the man made creates a confrontation with the natural processes.   Visitors when walking through the”  SUB MARINE FOREST”  will  encounter  bobbing in the ebb and flow of the ocean , not the  natural world beneath the sea but the world of mass production and of pollution.

Therefore a “Walk in the Sub Marine Forest”  is the physical interpretation of the Invasive Species concept.